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About Us
What is Relaid?
Relaid is a relay service that helps its subscribers communicate with each other through a live switchboard. Each subscriber has free access to one ZIP Code of their choice and its surrounding area.
Surrounding Area
The number of subscribers determines the size of a surrounding area around a ZIP Code. The more subscribers, the tighter the area.
What's a live switchboard?
A live switchboard is a hub of telephone lines and human operators who process subscribers' reports, whether they are calls or messages, and relay them to other subscribers. Our switchboard operates between 7AM and 12AM (6AM and 12AM CST).
How do operators decide what to relay?
Operators follow guidelines that fall under two types: content and description. Content guidelines determine the kind of incidents that should be relaid and the level of confidence that can be conveyed. Description guidelines determine how the content should be written. The goal is to ensure the best possible relay while working against the clock and far from the incident.
What is a good relay?
A good relay happens when:
1. A subscriber reports an incident quickly and accurately.
2. Operators act immediately, follow our guidelines, and work smart to deliver the best possible message.
3. Our system runs smoothly to make sure all subscribers receive the relay before the incident is over.
4. Other subscribers benefit from knowing about the incident.
How do I register a ZIP Code?
To register a ZIP Code simply text it to our number. Every ZIP Code you register stays in your account even if it is not active.
How do I activate a ZIP Code?
To activate a ZIP Code simply text it to our number. Whatever ZIP Code you had activated previously will deactivate. To keep more than one ZIP Code active at the same time consider the plan.
What is the Relaid plan?
The plan allows subscribers to activate up to 12 ZIP Codes of their choice. You can purchase the plan at rek2.net/plan
How accurate is Relaid?
Relaid is a joint effort between Relaid's team and Relaid's subscribers. The quality of the information subscribers send Relaid and the quality of the work Relaid's operators perform are the two major factors that affect accuracy.