Getting Points Off Your License

Whether you are shooting hoops or playing your Xbox, points are always a good thing. When it comes to your license, nothing can be worse. You can get points for many things including speeding, reckless driving, open container and having kids in the car who don’t have on their seat belts. Each state has different points for each offense and your state’s DMV will have the exact numbers.

What you want to do is avoid getting them or getting any more. If you have some already then you better get used to driving like an elderly boy scout because you want to start driving by the book and not get more. Points can stay on your license for 1 to 6 years depending on the state (see list below). If you have a couple of incidents, they can start adding up to the limit of where you could lose your license. As someone who has had problems with points on their license there are only few things you can do.

1. Back to School

Check with the DMV for an approved list of driving schools that will reduce your points for taking a driving class. This may get a 1 or 2 point off your license so it will be worth it.

2. Keep your Cool

As mentioned before, drive like a retired boy scout and learn to be ok with it for the next year or two until your points start to drop off. Safe driving should always be everyone's goal but isn't always easy. I have stuck to driving 55 and under and been honked at, yelled at and worse sometimes. It was hard at first but so what. That lasts a few seconds and those people aren't paying your bills. If friends are joking you, just tell them you have points and you have to watch it. Otherwise, ignore them, drive the speed limit and after a while you'll get used to it. In many states, losing your good driver status can make your insurance go up 5% to 35%, so chill out and get that money back in your pocket.

3. Legal Council

If you get a traffic violation, it may be worth it to hire a lawyer even if you don't have to. They may be able to advise you on the best way to proceed to minimize the points that get added to your license.

Points Drop-off by State

Please double-check your state's DMV website for the latest info on their points system.

AlaskaTwo points reduced for every year of violation-free driving
District of Columbia2
HawaiiNo point system
IllinoisNo point system
IowaNo point system
KansasNo point system
LouisianaNo point system
MinnesotaNo point system
MississippiNo point system
Missouri18 months
New Hampshire3
New Jersey3 points deducted for every year of violation-free driving
New Mexico1
New York18 months
North Carolina3
North Dakota3; but one point is deducted for every 3 month of violation-free driving
OklahomaPoints reduced to zero if you drive three consecutive years without a violation
OregonNo point system
Pennsylvania3 points removed for every 12 months of violation-free driving
Rhode IslandNo point system
South Carolina2
South DakotaSome points do begin falling off after 12 months
Utah2, if you maintain a clean driving record
WashingtonNo point system
West Virginia2
WyomingNo point system